Reception 2020


Scarisbrick Hall is raising money for Scarisbrick Hall Trust

JWS Chrung School, Cambodia - Partner School


Scarisbrick Hall Trust has partnered with JWS Chrung School in Cambodia, as of July 2020 we have raised £7,696.00 towards our target of £12,000, any ideas that you have to fundraiser are greatly appreciated.


Meet the children of JWS Chrung School


Our aim is to be able to support the children at JWS Chrung School for the foreseeable future and for Scarisbrick Hall School pupils to be able to visit Cambodia to meet the pupils and help the wider community.


To donate please visit our fundraising page


We have a number of events taking place over the summer including Camp For Cambodia, Cycle for Cambodia & Water Walk for Cambodia which have been organised by pupils in our Middle School.

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