Scarisbrick Hall College
YEARS 9-11


“The staff ensure that the School is an extension of our family and all pupils have a pastoral leader they can talk to should they have a concern. Likewise parents are also encouraged to communicate with staff  with any concerns they may have to ensure at all times they are considering the child.” 

Current parent


As pupils move into College, the pastoral team aim to support and guide their journey to becoming responsible young men and women, who uphold the values of our school. We recognise that challenges and pressures that these years bring, especially during examination periods. 


Our goal is to develop confident, free thinking individuals who demonstrate resilience and reflection when challenging situations arise. Pastoral staff are highly skilled and experienced in supporting College pupils, and this guidance is supported by our dedicated Wellbeing programme. 


A way of life not just a lesson

Although Wellbeing lessons are delivered once a week, our philosophy of wellbeing permeates every aspect of school life. There are opportunities for reflection in our stunning grounds, specialised active wellbeing classes (including Tai Chi, yoga and extended walks). 


The very nature of our school encourages an atmosphere of calm and confidence among staff and pupils. When more challenging situations arise the school can call on the advice of a wide range of consultants and specialists to make sure that we provide the very best care for your children.