Scarisbrick Hall College
YEARS 9-11


Welcome to Scarisbrick Hall College. At Scarisbrick Hall we have a drive for academic achievement and

a passion to see every individual develop as a whole person. Our unique curricular and co-curricular

programme encourages students to develop leadership, academic achievement, teamwork, as well as

their overall well-being.

Achievement at all levels is celebrated at Scarisbrick Hall. Weekly achievement assemblies celebrate

academic and sporting achievement, with Headteacher commendations being issued at the end of each

term. Whenever a student completes a piece of outstanding work an email is sent to their parents as well

as the Senior Team. This type of encouragement, leads to the self-belief and confidence that is a hallmark

of our students and alumni.

Our philosophy of teaching and learning is built upon the belief that every student is unique. We believe

that every student has the ability to learn and progress, our role is to create the atmosphere for this to

happen. We actively encourage every student to evaluate their own learning strengthening their ability to

critically reflect.

Our academic curriculum is delivered through our five faculty areas (English, Mathematics, Humanities

and Languages, Performance, Sciences). These faculty areas cover the core knowledge required for

students to progress. Each of the faculty areas offer enrichment programmes for gifted students as well as

support classes for those who require more time on a subject.

At Scarisbrick Hall we deliver a three-year GCSE programme starting in Year 9. At the end of Year 8 student

select their options, under the guidance of our careers adviser as well as the Faculty staff. This three-year

programme enables students to study the topics in greater depth and to a higher academic standard.





Our House: Performing Arts
Middle School: IT Rooms
Paddle boarding on our Lake
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