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A Level  Art and Design


A Level  Art and Design is designed to have a fully synoptic approach to teaching and learning, engaging the learner in an integrated critical, practical and theoretical study of Art and Design. Throughout this course of study learners will engage with the creative process, which is spiral in nature and will allow learners to develop, explore, record and realise their intentions. They will acquire a range of critical and contextual knowledge, understanding and skills as they review and refine work as it progresses. By its very nature this creative process provides truly synoptic learning. Synoptic assessment tests the learners’ understanding of the connections between different elements of Art and Design. It involves the explicit drawing together of knowledge, understanding and skills of different aspects of the A level course.

The Assessment Objectives reflect the holistic creative process learners will engage in and work together in an integrated spiral approach. To this end each component targets each of the Assessment Objectives in their entirety and/or permits learners to demonstrate them in their entirety. The scope and flexibility of the tasks and outcome choices available to learners allow learners to demonstrate their performance through differentiation by outcome across the full ability range. The emphasis of synoptic assessment is to encourage the understanding of Art, Craft and Design as a discipline.

A Level  Dance


A Level  Dance

A Level  Drama


A Level  Drama

A Level  Music

Students follow the EDUQAS A Level Music course at Scarisbrick Hall School. This course is chosen as it allows students to specialise in either composition or Performance. Students wishing to study the course should have attained at least Grade 7 in their chosen instrument, and Grade B or above in GCSE music.

Performance (25% or 35%)

Students perform a varied programme of either 8 or 12 minutes depending on their option. This component is assessed by a visiting examiner.

Composition (25% or 35%)

Students should compose either two or three pieces depending on their option. One of these pieces is set externally in Year 13 by the examination board, and the portfolio is marked externally.

Students study a range of skills and techniques beginning with four part harmony, string quartet writing as well as C20th composition techniques.

Listening and Appraising (40%)

Students study the following components:

  • Musical Theatre

  • Development of the Symphony

  • Into the Twentieth Century


Students will study a range of works in depth, and their are three set works:

  • Haydn, Symphony 104 (London)

  • Poulenc, Trio for Oboe, Bassoon and Piano

  • Debussy, Nuages

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The L3 Diploma in Performing Arts is a 720 GLH course equivalent to two A Levels and is awarded by Pearson (BTEC)

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We offer A Level courses in Art, Dance, Drama and Music

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Scarisbrick Arts offers bespoke study programmes for those wishing to pursue a career in Music and the Performing Arts.