Scarisbrick Hall Middle School

The pastoral care of our pupils is our highest priority. Form tutors provide guidance and support on a daily basis. Our unique wellbeing programme encourages all of our pupils to be aware of the non-material aspects of life and strengthen their mental resilience.  Wider professional guidance is given to pupils as required through specialist qualified staff.


The pastoral care and attention to detail from the School is second to none.

They really care for all of the pupils” 

Current parent


At Scarisbrick Hall School we believe in transparency and openness with our parents. As well as excellent communication via the parent portal, Engage app and email, we strongly encourage open face to face dialogue with all of our parents. 

Throughout Middle School, we strive to ensure that all our pupils are happy, confident, safe and secure in their learning environment. To this end, as pupils move from First School up to Middle School, we are aware of the need for a strong pastoral input.

Transition days in Year 4 allow children to become used to the Middle School timetable, the layout of the building and the academic expectations. In Year 5 and as pupils move into Year 6 we strive to make sure not only that every child is reaching their full academic potential but also that they are happy and feel confident about their place in our school. 

Following our Entrance Examination in January, successful pupils from external schools are invited to join us at Scarisbrick Hall School for transition days before they join in September, ready for Year 7. During these days pupils are familiarised with the layout of the school, the timings of our day, the timetable and they are also introduced to the new equipment they will be using in Science and ICT.

As the pupils progress into Upper Middle School the same care and attention is paid to each child in Year 7 and Year 8. They have every possible opportunity to reach their potential academically, morally and socially, whilst also preparing for the challenge of College life and their GCSE courses. 


A Unique Approach to Wellbeing

Scarisbrick Hall School has pioneered wellbeing in education and places physical, emotional, social and mental wellbeing at the heart of everything we do. Pupils are given expert guidance in a range of topics and are supported by a team of dedicated pastoral staff who guide them through the Middle Years of School.

We utilise the unique and inspiring setting of the school to support reflection as well as working with a leading Psychologist and professional partners to provide the best possible support for the pupils in our care. The Wellbeing Programme is delivered through discrete sessions, tutorials and wider activities designed to promote a holistic sense of wellbeing.