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The Music Department


Music at Scarisbrick Hall is regarded as an integral element of education at the school. It has a profound impact on a child’s early development, interweaving and supporting learning across all subject areas.


Our aim is to encourage an enjoyment of music from the earliest age whilst simultaneously nurturing listening and communication skills, language acquisition and creativity.

The children start their musical journey in Pre School through musical storytelling and movement, where they begin to understand and explore how music is created and communicated, including through the inter-related dimensions of pitch, duration, dynamics and tempo. By the time children leave First School, they have a secure grounding in pitch awareness, pulse and rhythm and an understanding of score reading.



 Lessons focus on the following key areas:


  • creativity and composition

  • listening and analysis

  • movement and dance

  • instrumental and rhythmic skills

  • singing

  • solo and ensemble performance activities



Pupils are encouraged to explore playing a wide variety of instruments and study music from different periods of history and different cultures. Performance is promoted through singing, solo and communal, during choirs and assemblies, and through the playing of instruments to their peers and wider audiences. We firmly believe in promoting music for all, whilst also facilitating those who excel to achieve as highly as they can.


In Year 9, pupils can choose to study a three year music programme leading to the GCSE (Eduqas). Students can also study music at Level 3 Diploma Standard or A Level.



The Music Department is currently housed in specialist accommodation which includes two teaching classrooms, four practice rooms and a recording studio.



Faculty Staff

Mr D Chapman (Head of Faculty)

Miss S Gloyne (Music & First School Arts Lead)

Miss J Conti (Music)

Mr J Hall (Head of Instrumental Studies)

Dr T Siemans (Music)



Instrumental Tuition

Students can choose to study an instrument of their choice with our specialist tutors. 


Peripatetic Staff


Mr J Padfield - Woodwind

Mrs J Padfield - Woodwind

Mr S Chapman - Voice

Mr D Leonard - Drums & Guitar

Miss G Blackburn - Piano

Mr D Townley - Voice

Mrs D Meagher - Strings

Mr Clark - Orchestral Percussion

Mr F Goodwin - Piano

Mr J Hall - Brass






Discover more about our key Performing Arts tutors here




Saturday Skills

Saturday Skills at Scarisbrick is an arts programme for students aged 8 – 18.

Rising Stars

Rising Stars is our Saturday Morning programme for students aged 4– 7.

RAD Dance

Children from 4 years old are taught Ballet through  the

Royal Academy of Dance.

Individual Tuition

Our highly skilled tutors teach a variety of musical instruments, dance

and drama