Scarisbrick Hall Student Reaches New Heights of Success

It’s no secret that our students are the pride and joy of Scarisbrick Hall School - their talent, dedication, perseverance and successes continue to impress and inspire us every day. Today is no different, as we shine the Scarisbrick spotlight onto Maksim Ferguson, one of our outstanding Year 11 students.

Getting off the ground

Maksim has now been a member of the RAF Air Cadets for several years, but he started his flying journey with his father when he was just five years old. Flying with his dad led to Maksim beginning flying lessons at the young age of eight. He was a natural, and took to the skies with enjoyment and talent - so much so, that his instructor informed him that he was good enough to fly solo at the age of 12, although UK law wouldn’t allow for it to happen.

Jump forward two years to January 2020, and Maksim became a record breaker. At 14, he was the youngest person in the UK’s history to earn his Civilian Wings (also known as C Wings), which is a significant milestone during flight training. To earn this achievement, Maksim was required to complete a solo flight, but was unable to do so in the UK until he turned 16 - so Maksim flew to Canada, and completed his first solo flight there instead.

His success led to international press coverage, with celebratory articles of his achievements featuring in The Telegraph, ITV News, and Canada’s CTV News.

Onwards and upwards

In the year that followed Maksim’s historic achievement, he has shown no signs of slowing down. His incredible achievement resulted in a formal recognition from the Air Cadets, as he is a member of the Woodvale Squadron.

These incredible accomplishments also caught the attention of HM’s Lord Lieutenant, who awarded Maksim with a Lord Lieutenant’s Commendation. This commendation recognises Maksim’s incredible contribution within the Air Training Corps, and his service to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. In the commendation, the Lord Lieutenant explains that Maksim’s achievements have resulted in a review of the UK’s guidance regarding young pilots, and praises his hard work and dedication.

The only way is up

On February 18th, Maksim’s 16th birthday, he is planning to take his first legal solo flight in the UK - lockdown permitting of course! In true Maksim style, this will be yet another first for our country, and his first official solo UK flight will take place in a complex aircraft instead of the model usually used for debut flights.

We are immensely proud to have Maksim at our school, and we cannot wait to see what he continues to achieve - Cadet Ferguson is an inspiration to his classmates and his teachers alike.

You can follow along with the achievements and success stories of our students over on our News and Articles section.

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