What makes an outstanding Sixth Form?

When it comes to choosing where to study your A-Levels, the decision can feel like a minefield. There are lots of options, but this could be the most important decision you’ve made in your life so far. Scarisbrick Hall School is proud to have an award-winning Sixth Form and is recognised as the top Sixth Form in the North of England whilst also being among the top 10 Sixth Forms nationally for progress and value added. What makes an outstanding Sixth Form? Scarisbrick Hall School checks all the boxes. Read on to learn more.

Choosing an outstanding Sixth Form

Choosing where to continue your education after receiving your GCSE results is one of the most important decisions you’ll make during your teenage years. The right Sixth Form should tick all the boxes you need to succeed. These include academic provision, guidance and support as well as offering incredible extracurricular opportunities. Scarisbrick Hall School offers all of this and more.

A centre of sporting excellence

At Scarisbrick Hall School we are proud of our reputation in competitive sports, including football, rugby and netball. Our main focus within our Sixth Form sport offering is delivering a broad, balanced sports programme for our students which is tailored to each individual, promoting confidence, health and wellbeing.

Our Sixth Form’s fixture program and performance pathways have been developed in recent years through our specialist coaches Adam Jackson (ex-professional Premiership rugby player), Nathan Quirk (who has previously coached at Manchester City FC) and Rebekah Airey (professional netball player who currently plays for Superleague champions Manchester Thunder).

Supportive environment for mental health and wellbeing

We are very proud of the support we offer our Sixth Form students through our guidance, mentoring and wellbeing programmes.

The goal of any outstanding Sixth Form is to prepare you for higher education. Here at Scarisbrick Hall School, our approach is one that is tailored to each individual student, enabling them to make wise and informed decisions regarding their future plans.

We help every student gain a place in higher education, most notably at the end of the Upper Sixth by offering comprehensive and expert advice at every stage of the application process. One of our most notable support offerings is a dedicated mentoring team who start supporting students with university applications upon entry into our award-winning Sixth Form.

The support we offer doesn’t stop there. Our dedicated Sixth Form support team is always available to advise students in all aspects of study and personal life. We encourage regular meetings between staff and students, so guidance and reassurance can be given throughout the students’ time at Scarisbrick Hall School. We also offer a tailored one-to-one mentoring programme to support and encourage our students’ individual goals and aspirations.

The unique Pre-University experience

At Scarisbrick Hall School, our small class sizes and formidable teaching team create an atmosphere that encourages independent learning and freedom of expression. Our Sixth Form not only maximises our students’ academic potential, but prepares them for the transition to higher education through what we like to call the ‘Pre-University experience’.

The unique opportunities we offer at our outstanding Sixth Form, including The Great Hall Lecture series, offer inspiration and experiences that no other school can provide. During The Great Hall Lecture series, we invite leading academics from top universities, such as The University of Manchester, to talk about their specialist areas of expertise with our students. We’ve welcomed biochemistry professors, space scientists, linguistic specialists and historians, all of whom have helped develop the critical thinking skills needed to succeed at university and beyond.

Outstanding academic provision

Above all else, Scarisbrick Hall School’s Sixth Form is a centre of academic excellence, offering a wide range of A-Level and BTEC courses that will provide the route to any university recognised around the world. All of our academic pathways are taught by enthusiastic subject specialists who will inspire a love of their subject into their students through their outstanding teaching.

Most importantly, our academic pathways are academically rigorous, challenging students to develop the deep subject-specific knowledge and understanding that universities value so highly, whilst simultaneously helping them to advance and demonstrate independent learning skills.

Learn more about Scarisbrick Hall School’s outstanding Sixth Form

Ready to find out more about the outstanding independent Sixth Form here at Scarisbrick Hall School? We would be delighted to tell you more about the school, or invite you for a tour.

Please contact our head of admissions, Mrs Walmsley. via email or by telephone on +44 (0)1704 842 240. Scarisbrick Hall School looks forward to welcoming you as part of our community.

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