Pre School
Age 3 & 4

Our Pre School facilities and environment is designed and furnished in compliance with EYFS and Welfare standards, and we have taken into account the needs and interests of each individual child in our care.

Examples of this include:

reading/sensory den for quiet, calm activities to promote early literacy and personal, social and emotional development

role play area to encourage social interaction and the development of life skills.

creative workshop including painting, collage, water and sand to encourage sensory learning and develop imagination and creativity.

small world and construction area for children to plan, construct, confer, deliberate and evaluate during their play.

writing area equipped with one handed tools to promote cutting with scissors, sharpening, holding a pencil/pen correctly, writing names, lists, menus etc

Our environment is deliberately planned to be enticing, interesting and exciting for children which helps them to develop a love of learning. 

The most important resource that we have is our dedicated and professional team of staff. We are very fortunate to have a full time EYFS teacher who works with the children alongside two other highly qualified and experienced Early Years Practitioners one of which is qualified to an Early Years Professional level. The staff role is to play alongside and with children to encourage engagement, imagination, turn taking and other social skills. Staff are trained to develop children’s play through conversation, questioning which helps broaden and extend children’s thinking and learning.

During this play, staff observe children and track their individual level of involvement and development as well as individual interests. These interests are what keep children engaged and really turn them on, research shows that by embracing these interests learning will be meaningful to the child and therefore will keep them engrossed. These observations are then used to inform planning. Therefore staff take into account all observations to help enhance the environment and plan appropriate experiences.

Incorporated into the day children have a daily focus on Communication and Language with Literacy playing an important role when preparing children for formal schooling. The classroom is enriched with text, sentences and meaningful written language so that they begin to make connections between spoken and written communication.


An ‘I can attitude’ is promoted throughout and children are encouraged to write their name daily and practice early writing skills within the designated writing area of provision. We follow the School Literacy programme ‘Letters and sounds’ Phase 1 and 2. This programme of learning enables children to tune in and listen to sounds so that when the time comes for them to begin to read, phonetically their brain will be already attuned.

Children attending Pre School have their own individual Learning Journey file which documents and tracks individual progress within the stages of the curriculum. These files are available for parents to see and comment on at all times, which promote involvement and contribution from parents who are the child’s principal educators.

These firm foundations enable our children to attain high levels of achievement when they move on from Pre School to Reception. Transition into the reception class is smooth, ensuring progress is maintained at this critical time. There is no doubt that children benefit enormously from shared social experiences, and the progress of each pupil is monitored closely in all areas. This enables us to keep parents fully informed and to plan carefully for the future.





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