Scarisbrick Hall Sixth Form
YEARS 12-13
Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) 



​EPQ teaches students new skills, such as, independent research, project management, reflection and self-directed learning​ plus it is worth half an A-level (70 UCAS points) so can be used to gain extra UCAS points to support their university application. ​ Some universities will even offer lower conditions if you complete one.


For students who do not want to complete the qualification they must complete a research project and present this to their peers, to develop transferrable skills and help students mature into critical, reflective, creative and independent learners. 


What does the EPQ involve?

Students will need to produce a 5,000-word essay (or a product and a 1,000 to 3,000-word essay) based on a topic of their choice. However, this isn’t just about writing the essay. It’s about pursuing an investigation from initial idea to completion. They will keep a log of their progress, reflect on the decisions made and what they have learnt along the way.



When does it take place?

Students will start work on the essay and log in Lower Sixth and hand them in during the Upper Sixth (either in October or March). At the end, they will also present their

findings to teachers and fellow pupils and field their questions.


How is it taught?

Students won’t have a teacher in the traditional sense. Instead, a member of staff will act as their supervisor and guide. The direction and responsibility of the EPQ is entirely down to the students. That’s why, as well as choosing a topic that relates to their proposed university course, it’s a good idea to pick something they feel passionate about.


Here are a few examples of EPQ themes:


Are Size 0 and Plus Size models  both equally defensible/indefensible?

Can terrorism ever be justified?

What are the impacts of learning a foreign language on child development?

How can we effectively reduce the development of asthma in modern society?

What’s the significance of animals in Shakespeare’s plays?

Is the free press a force for good?

Did Anne Boleyn really commit adultery?

Should the NHS pay for IVF treatment?