Scarisbrick Hall Sixth Form
YEARS 12-13

Academic courses form the core of our Sixth Form experience, but students future success depends on so much more than this: energy, community spirit, enthusiasm, creativity, vigorous debate and considered reflection, all of which will spur students on to develop courage, resilience and friendship. Our Sixth Form will also encourage an understanding and independence to enable students to begin with confidence, their adventure  and journey beyond Scarisbrick Hall School.


From music, dance and drama, we have numerous exciting opportunities for our Sixth Form students to immerse themselves in the arts.


Sixth Form students can take part in wealth of sporting opportunities at Scarisbrick Hall. They can participate in individual sports such as Fencing, which helps develop strategic thinking, Taekwondo and Yoga which helps to develop discipline and heightening physical and mental powers.  They can also develop their leadership skills through coaching in Rugby, Netball  or Football.  Scarisbrick Hall also has a membership of a local gym for our Sixth Form students, which we encourage them to join to enhance their wellbeing.

Societies and Clubs

Students have the opportunity to join societies that take their learning above and beyond the curriculum, engaging them with visiting professionals, supporting UCAS application and areas of interest. Some of the most popular of these include: Philosophy, MEDSoc, Law and Journalism Society.


Students also have the opportunity to set up and run societies of their own depending on their interests, which also develops their leadership skills. The student leaders of the society can invite in external speakers and set up activities such as debates between students and staff.


The annual Great Hall Lecture Series gives students at Scarisbrick Hall School access to some of the leading academics in world in an intimate and approachable setting.


Students enjoy lectures from our distinguished guests on a variety of cultural, social, political, ethical and economic matters. Following the lecture Sixth Form students are given the opportunity in a small tutorial setting, to question the lecturer further and explore careers within their field of expertise.


We have hosted Royal Society lectures, leading professors, explorers and peers from the House of Lords.  These lectures assist in broadening horizons and extending and developing each students’ knowledge outside of the classroom. Students also have the opportunity to network with influential people from a variety of industries.


Subject specific lecturers from local Universities are also invited to run tutorial groups and practical sessions with Sixth Form students, bringing university to life within the classroom and developing and stretching students’ knowledge and understanding.

University Visits

Through our unique links with Universities, Sixth Form students are invited to take part in tutorials, lectures and practical sessions. This gives students a a  Pre University feeling and in addition to this our staff provide extensive support for them in their UCAS applications.

EPQ and research projects

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) and research projects allow our students to embark on a largely self-directed and self-motivated project. They must choose a topic, plan, research and present a finished product to their peers. ​Universities support and value the EPQ as evidence of a student's ability to use a range of skills that are vital for successful study in higher education. ​

Leadership and Service

We believe strongly that every Scarisbrick Hall student has a duty both to serve and lead others, not just at school but in their life beyond. Therefore, we are committed to providing a broad range of opportunities within school and at local, national and international level, all of which contribute towards our holistic model of education and the personal development of those involved.

Gold DofE

Students in the Sixth Form at Scarisbrick Hall have the opportunity to complete their Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award during their two years of study. The Gold Award requires students to complete a period of volunteer work, physical exercise and learn new skills or further develop existing ones, all of which can help towards their UCAS applications. In addition to these sections, students will also complete a practice and qualifying expedition, developing their camp craft and navigation skills over four days of walking and three nights camping. Finally, students complete a residential section, staying away from home for five nights, previously students have completed this as part of the global citizenship residential. It takes students out of their comfort zone and pushes them to explore new experiences, building confidence, resilience, skills for work and develop lasting friendships.

Expeditions and trips

Sixth Form trips and expeditions are an integral part of the academic curriculum and a powerful tool to consolidate learning. We offer a huge selection of local, national and international trips to open their eyes to the rich tapestry of life all around them.