Scarisbrick Hall Independent Sixth Form

A World of Opportunity

Academic courses form the core of our Sixth Form experience, but the future success of our students depends on so much more than this: energy, community spirit, enthusiasm, creativity, vigorous debate and considered reflection, all of which will spur students on to develop courage, resilience and friendship.

Scarisbrick Hall’s independent sixth form encourages the development of understanding and independence. This allows our students to look towards their journey beyond Scarisbrick Hall School with confidence and excitement.

Beyond The Classroom

Scarisbrick Hall School offers a range of Beyond The Classroom opportunities for our Sixth Form students. If they’re looking to develop teamwork and confidence, we offer an extensive Sixth Form sports fixture programme. Alternatively, if they are looking to develop discipline and general strength, we offer individual sports including fencing and yoga to support overall wellbeing. Scarisbrick Hall School also has a new on site gym facility for our Sixth Form students, which will enhance their wellbeing.

Students also have the opportunity to join societies that take their learning above and beyond the curriculum. These school leaver programmes allow students to engage with visiting professionals, access UCAS application support and explore other areas of personal interest. Some of the most popular of these include Philosophy, MEDSoc, Law and Journalism Society. Students can even establish their own societies, allowing them to manage an event programme.

University Visits

Scarisbrick Hall is committed to providing a comprehensive overview of higher education options to our independent sixth form students. As a result, we organise university visits as part of our school leaver programme offering. Through our unique links with Universities, Sixth Form students are invited to take part in tutorials, lectures and practical sessions.

These university visits give students a preview of university life which can help to motivate them for the rest of their studies. In addition to these visits, our staff provide extensive support for our students with their UCAS applications to help them reach their dream university.

Gold Duke of Edinburgh

Students at Scarisbrick Hall have the opportunity to complete their Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award during their two years of study at our independent sixth form.

The Gold Award requires students to complete a period of volunteer work, physical exercise and learn new skills or further develop existing ones. This is therefore an excellent addition to any UCAS application. In addition to these sections, students will also complete a practice and qualifying expedition, developing their camp craft and navigation skills over four days of walking and three nights camping.

Finally, students complete a residential section, staying away from home for five nights. Previously, students have completed this as part of the global citizenship residential. This school leaver programme takes students out of their comfort zone and pushes them to explore new experiences. As a result, they develop confidence, resilience, skills for work and develop lasting friendships.

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