Beautiful Beginnings Day Nursery

The Starling Room is the next stage for those babies that are confident on their feet. The perfectly designed environment enables children to practice and strengthen those important physical skills. The Starlings routine offers more structure, this involves activities to encourage language development, problem solving and social skills.

Mealtimes are an important social time for us. We encourage family dining with children and staff sitting together to eat. Staff teach children table manners and how to use cutlery independently.

Our highly skilled team works hard to enhance the environment with learning opportunities that inspire and motivate children, positively impacting their learning. Our Starlings have access to a variety of learning spaces both inside and outside. These can always be accessed by children, encouraging children to always follow their own interests.

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If you would like to enquire about enrolling your child in the Starlings room at Beautiful Beginnings Day Nursery, please contact Liz Fortune-Price to learn more. Contact us on 01704 842 222 or email For further information about admissions, please visit our admissions page to find out more.