The Heart of Scarisbrick Hall

The Scarisbrick Hall School Ethos

At Scarisbrick Hall School we seek to develop our pupils so that they can thrive in their lives. We recognise that each and every pupil at Scarisbrick Hall School is unique. They have their own talents and abilities that need to be encouraged and celebrated. 

By caring for our pupils we ensure that support, inspiration, care and love are at the heart of everything our students and staff do here at Scarisbrick Hall School. Our aim is to create a safe, supportive environment that allows all of our students to flourish academically and personally. 

To do this, we ensure that every student who walks through the Scarisbrick Hall School doors is treated as an individual. We refuse to see and treat our students as data and statistics, which is why our education and support staff are committed to progressing the development of each individual student. At the heart of our ethos is the belief that every child is a unique individual with different needs and talents. 

By recognising the personal achievements alongside the personal challenges that each of our students faces, Scarisbrick Hall School is proud to create a unique environment that celebrates everyone for who they are. As expected, this allows us to create a confident, intelligent, mature and, most importantly, happy community of students who go on to do incredible things.

Embracing the RIVER Learning Method

RIVER learning underpins all that we do here at Scarisbrick Hall School. In short, we acknowledge that knowledge and understanding apply to morality and maturity as well as fractions and adjectives. Embedded into our bespoke academic curriculum is the development of Resilience, Independence, Values, Exploration and Reflection within all of our students. Our education and support staff work incredibly hard to build an environment that champions structured independent learning. This ensures that every child has the chance to reach and exceed their potential at this school. 

“As a distinct unique school, we have our own philosophy of learning. This philosophy is the cornerstone of our curriculum and drives our holistic development of all the young people in our care. Education is, after all, not just a mechanical process but the encouragement and development of unique individuals” – Mr Shaw, Headmaster.

Beyond The Classroom

At Scarisbrick Hall School, co-curricular activities support our philosophy of RIVER learning and aim to extend, enrich and excite all of our pupils across every section of the school. As a school we recognise that every child is different. Through our co-curricular offerings, we aim to encourage our children to discover areas that they are passionate about whilst also allowing them to experience a strong sense of teamwork. Co-curricular activities are an essential part of our education at Scarisbrick Hall School and we strongly believe that these activities play an essential role in the wellbeing and holistic development of the pupils in our care.

Global Classroom

The Global Classroom at Scarisbrick Hall School is a unique charity and education movement that unites children across the globe, featuring industry-leading role models. Delivered in partnership with the World Health Organisation (WHO) and supported by UNICEF, The Global Classroom is the world’s largest digital classroom. This extraordinary programme features aspirational events from some of the most influential thought leaders in the world, delivered to the future leaders of our planet. 

The Global Classroom at Scarisbrick Hall School invites children from around the world, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity or location, to access once-in-a-lifetime opportunities where they can have their voices heard by influencers, artists, policymakers, scientists, activists and cultural icons. These open access classrooms are delivered by leading figures from the Smithsonian Science Education Centre, National Geographic, BMG and Penguin Random House. Previous guest speakers have included Jason Mraz, Heather Small, Denise Lewis OBE, Michael Woodside from The Walt Disney Animation Studios, and Bear Grylls. The Global Classroom is another example of our implementation and commitment to the RIVER learning method. Alongside the public events, our children are granted exclusive access to The Global Classroom speakers. Our students experience priceless opportunities, like writing a song with Jason Mraz, learning about the Mars Rover Project with Dr Katie Stack Morgan  or enjoying a drawing workshop from a Disney Animator, that you won’t find anywhere else.

Enjoying Outdoor learning and exploration

We are blessed with beautiful and extensive grounds at Scarisbrick Hall School. Through creative learning plans, our staff use the 50-acres of our stunning grounds to deliver an outdoor curriculum that is planned with ‘the great outdoors’ at the forefront of our minds. With four qualified outdoor learning practitioners who plan and deliver a bespoke programme in and around our environment, we endeavour to reconnect our children with the world beyond technology and develop a lifelong appreciation of the outdoors.

From Nursery to Sixth Form, our students spend time every week in our outdoor learning environment – a vast extension to the classroom. Our bespoke and ever-evolving curriculum is planned with ‘the great outdoors’ at the forefront of our minds. Links with local and national organisations, such as the RSPB and Martin Mere, serve to enrich the pupils’ experience, supporting the development and understanding of wellbeing as well as preparing them for expeditions and adventure. We encourage activities such as camp craft, all of which foster a love of nature and of outdoor learning in our pupils.

Developing a Relationship with the Environment

A child’s learning environment can have a significant impact on their wellbeing and academic success. During One Global Mind – a digital classroom event hosted by Scarisbrick Hall School’s worldwide education outreach charity, The Global Classroom – Dr Tierney Thys from National Geographic explains that nature is known to improve health and release stress. As a result, students who attend schools surrounded by greenery have higher levels of focus and attention, which can lead to improved academic performance. 

Scarisbrick Hall School is set in over 50-acres of stunning forest and greenery, our students enjoy natural beauty all day long. Research suggests that “nature inspires creativity in a child by demanding visualisation and the full use of their senses. This philosophy flows through all that we do at Scarisbrick Hall School – from curriculum lessons, and co-curricular classes to lunchtime breaks, our students are blessed with a unique learning environment that sets them up for success.  

Low Air Pollution Levels

Scarisbrick Hall School has an air pollution level of 1, which is rated excellent.

50-Acres of Stunning Land

Scarisbrick Hall School is set in 50-acres of stunning forest and greenery.

Great Hall Lecture Series

The Great Hall Lecture Series

We are incredibly proud of our unique Great Hall Lecture Series events. Each year, Scarisbrick Hall School invites leading academics from top universities and industry professionals to talk about their specialist areas of expertise with our students. From mountain climbers to space scientists, from criminal law to biochemistry, this lecture series provides inspiration for our students at every turn. The Great Hall Lecture Series introduces a wealth of experience and knowledge to our classrooms in the hope that your children and their peers are inspired to great success during and beyond their time at Scarisbrick Hall School. By instilling inspiration and ambition through one-of-a-kind experiences such as these, our students become successful, kind and impassioned citizens of the future.