Scarisbrick Hall Independent Sixth Form

Educational Trips & Expeditions

Students at Scarisbrick Hall School have many opportunities to take part in educational trips as part of their holistic and well-rounded education.

During their time at our Sixth Form, students have the chance to take part in The Global Citizen Trip.

The Global citizen trip is a great way for our Sixth Form students to learn about community engagement, experience a new culture and develop a deeper understanding of the world’s problems.

All of the projects that our students take part in during this education trip are specially designed by the Head of Sixth Form with the support from GVI and other companies, they are intended to fully immerse and challenge students throughout the trip.

What are the benefits of this educational trip?

The Global Citizen Trip is the perfect opportunity for our Sixth Form students to experience life beyond their comfort zone. As a result, we hope that once students leave our Sixth Form, they depart as global citizens with increased social awareness.

All of the activities that take place during The Global Citizen Trip are packed with adventure and cultural awareness to ensure students have a wealth of new experiences. This will ultimately have a positive impact on their future and self-development.

Through educational trips, Scarisbrick Hall aims to develop a sense of courage within our Sixth Form students. We hope that this will enable them to overcome challenges that may block their way, and help them to thrive in the face of adversity. We believe that these education trips allow our Sixth Form students to leave Scarisbrick Hall as an adult with the conviction that they can make a positive difference to the world.

Incorporating a Sport Tour

Our international sports tour which runs alongside the Global Citizen Trip will also be available for our Sixth Form Sports Teams. This will not only enable our students to support local communities and environmental projects abroad with their peers but also take our players on an extraordinary sporting journey. Sports games against teams from other countries are a unique eye-opener to the way that they are played and approached by other nations. Therefore, our students will not only enjoy evenly matched, competitive fixtures against local teams but also professional coaching to further develop their skills and love for the game.

Sixth Form Destinations