Scarisbrick Hall Independent Sixth Form


We provide a range of opportunities for students to develop their leadership abilities during their time at our Sixth Form.

Taking part in leadership roles, either on the Head Boy and Head Girl’s team or as part of the School Council provides excellent examples of leadership for students to include in their university applications.

Leadership Roles at Scarisbrick Hall’s Sixth For

The positions of Head Boy and Girl, Deputies and Heads of House are awarded to students who embody the ethos of the school, serve as role models to younger students and act as ambassadors.

Students in these positions of responsibility are expected to lead by example in every setting and to offer advice and support to the younger students. They represent Scarisbrick Hall at many events, oversee the school council with the Headmaster and are important figureheads within the School community.

The School Council at our Sixth Form

Whilst studying at our independent Sixth Form, our students have the chance to take part in Scarisbrick Hall’s School Council.

When students take up a role on the School Council, they have the opportunity to make an active contribution to the future direction of Scarisbrick Hall School and provide an active voice for their fellow students. There is also the opportunity for students to lead and oversee new initiatives that are generated during School Council meetings.

Taking part in Scarisbrick Hall’s School Council is an excellent addition to any student’s university application. By playing an active role in working with younger pupils and leading school-wide projects, our Sixth Form students gain valuable skills which will be of benefit to them in a variety of ways during their time at school and university, and in their future career.

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