RIVER Learning

A unique learning philosophy

At Scarisbrick Hall School, we have a unique philosophy of learning. This philosophy of is the very cornerstone of our curriculum supports the holistic development of all of our pupils.

As Headmaster Jeff Shaw explains, “Education is, after all, not just a mechanical process but it is the encouragement and development of unique individuals”. The RIVER Learning philosophy seeks to encourage our staff and pupils to focus on the following areas:


Here at Scarisbrick Hall School, we encourage our pupils to be determined and resilient in the face of challenges and adversity. Pupils will face set-backs from time to time, however our students are taught to see these as natural opportunities for learning and development.


Structured independent learning is at the heart of everything we do at Scarisbrick Hall School. Our teaching and support staff are committed to providing an educational environment that fosters confidence and independence to equip our pupils for everyday life.


Pupils at Scarisbrick Hall are encouraged to have strong values. Our environment is one that fosters creativity, tolerance and acceptance. We work with our pupils to ensure that they understand the importance of valuing and respecting everyone in our school, local and global community.


A spirit of exploration sparks learning and enables our pupils to achieve extraordinary things. This encourages all of our pupils to step out, hypothesise and find ways forward in learning and lfe. Beyond the classroom we encourage a spirit of exploration through expeditions, trips and challenge days.


The RIVER learning philosophy encourages pupils to reflect on their decisions and actions. Reflection supports their overall well being and encourages our students to benefit from clarity of thought and supports mental wellbeing. Our unique wellbeing programme equips all of our pupils to live a healthy balanced life.