Beautiful Beginnings Day Nursery

Provision for ages 0-3

Deciding on the right setting for your child is an incredibly important and often difficult decision. At Beautiful Beginnings Day Nursery, our highly qualified and well-established team of staff create a welcoming home from home for children. With a friendly, professional greeting at the door every morning, our priority is to build a rapport with all children and their families.  Our team prides themselves on listening, observing, questioning and being attentive to every child. This enables them to offer the very best support possible so that every child can reach their full potential. Our personalised key person approach ensures that each and every child has the guidance and support of a skilful practitioner that is responsive to your child’s needs. Our team is committed to excellence, resulting in the creation of a special atmosphere. In essence our main aim is to provide a nurturing environment that enables children to be happy and confident, ready to thrive and learn.

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Inspirational and Attentive Learning

We believe that parents are the primary educators in a child’s life, playing an integral part in your child’s education. Our holistic approach to learning and development is based on a reciprocal flow of information. This ensures that your child’s interests and milestones can be captured at home and at nursery. We also hold regular parents’ meetings along with termly reports to ensure that you are kept well informed of your child’s personal progress.  

Our ethos, Education in harmony with nature, is embedded in everything that we do, and our outdoor learning environment is truly exceptional. With over 50 acres of parks and woodlands to explore, our children certainly have the time and space to ignite their curiosity. Having the freedom and opportunity to take risks and challenge themselves unequivocally enables children to develop self-esteem and confidence. Our dedicated team of Outdoor learning specialists work tirelessly to create truly magical experiences for all children. 


Ducklings, our baby room, is a safe and comfortable environment for babies from birth.


Our Starling Room is designed perfectly for babies that are on their feet. With its light, bright atmosphere, this room will undoubtedly ignite their curious minds.  


Our Skylarks room enables children to continue their learning journey at their own pace. Staff focus on building blocks for successful learning including language acquisition and effective communication skills. The environment promotes confidence and children are encouraged to acquire a keen sense of independence as potty training and self-care skills develop. As children approach their 3rd birthday, we can further extend their skills and knowledge within the Kingfishers room.


Specifically designed for children reaching their 3rd birthday, our Kingfishers’ room is an undeniably exciting environment. We understand that children develop at different rates, our main aim is to ensure that every child is challenged and achieves their own personal potential. Our team will focus on the core skills in preparation for our Pre School, ensuring that each child is fully equipped for the next stage of their academic journey. 


Outdoor Learning Opportunities

Outdoor learning really is ‘our thing’. Our unique outdoor learning environment is brimming with endless possibilities for exploration and discovery. Such a diverse landscape provides varied learning opportunities and enables us to capture the heart of nature through our meaningful outdoor planning. Our Outdoor learning specialists plan age-appropriate sessions within our base camps. These meaningful opportunities are an investment to support children’s love and empathy for nature.  

Learning outdoors offers incredibly special opportunities to use tools, den making, exploring plants and wildlife and woodland art and crafts. Under our Specialist teacher’s supervision, children learn how to build and light a campfire before preparing and cooking some snacks and meals outdoors. These activities promote children’s resilience, creativity and independence, all vital life-skills that provide a solid foundation for your child’s transition into school. Facilitating and embracing natural learning opportunities provides the perfect adventure for children to explore freely and discover exciting new perspectives on the world around them.  

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