Outstanding College Education for Years 9 to Year 11

Our unique College at Scarisbrick Hall School, for students in Year 9 to Year 11, prepares and fully equips them ready to complete their GCSEs. Our College’s three year GCSE programme of study provides students with the academic and co-curricular provision designed to facilitate each and every student’s unique development, helping them reach or exceed their potential. Our College supports our students both academically and holistically, preparing them to achieve full rounded success now and into the future. 

Our Colleges RIVER Learning Philosophy

Our RIVER Learning Philosophy is made up of the following attributes; Resilience, Independence, Valuing every individual, Promoting a spirit of exploration and encouraging Reflection. At Scarisbrick Hall School, our College’s RIVER Learning unique philosophy is the cornerstone of our curriculum and underpins all aspects of our education. 

As we wholeheartedly believe that these features are the cornerstone of a happy and successful academic future, embodying these mantras in every aspect of our College sets our students up for ongoing academic success. 

Academic Life

Our College students are encouraged to take a mature approach to their studies and receive the support and guidance they need to become independent learners and thinkers. Our students consistently score outstanding GCSE results, which is down to exceptional teaching and the bespoke educational opportunities we offer. 

Pastoral Life

Within our College the pastoral care provided by our staff encourages our students to become independent thinkers who grow into responsible young men and women. Our ultimate goal is to develop confident, free-thinking individuals who demonstrate resilience and reflection when challenging situations arise.

Sports Life

Sporting activities are an essential part of life within our College. We have earned an excellent reputation for achieving sporting success, and our students have the opportunity to take part in weekday and Saturday fixtures with local schools and those within the ISA. Our sporting provision within the  College offers a wide range of competitive activities including Football, Rugby, Netball, Cricket and Fencing.

Performing Arts Life

​Performing Arts is a central part of a pupil’s education within our College, and Music, Art, Dance and Drama are all delivered through a bespoke curriculum that uniquely encompasses academic and vocational training with specialist teaching.

Beyond The Classroom


Within College the opportunities to experience new activities and further develop their interests continue, within “Beyond the classroom”.

We offer extension programmes for students with a passion for any area of our academic curriculum including Law Society, Art Award , Medsoc,  advanced Mathematics and Duke of Edinburgh (Bronze & Silver. For those with a passion for creativity and developing their strategic thinking skills, Dungeons and Dragons, Journalism and Scientific Societies all prove very popular.

There is a strong focus on physical activity after school. All students have the opportunity to participate and develop their physical fitness, under the supervision of our PE Staff, aided by specialist sports coaches, who have an expertise in multiple sports. 

Our strong partnerships with the University of Manchester in our Great Hall Lecture Series provides our students with inspiring lectures from leading academics in their field.

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