Bespoke Pathways

Our Sixth Form students have personalised pathways designed to support their holistic development, career ambitions and access to university. By utilising our wide range of contacts, leading academics and work placements, they benefit from being not only rich academic discussion but real life experience of their chosen career path.

Academic Pathways

We offer a wide selection of A Level subjects and select BTEC courses that will provide the route to any university recognised around the world. A great deal of guidance, advice and information is given to both pupils and parents to facilitate this decision but ultimately pupils are free to choose the appropriate programme of study for them. Our curriculum will challenge students, developing the deep subject-specific knowledge and understanding that universities value so highly, while also helping them to advance and demonstrate independent learning skill.

Scarisbrick Hall School is completely committed to this twin-track Sixth Form curriculum, and both pathways are academically rigorous, internationally recognised and valued by universities and employers.

Taking part in leadership roles, either on the Head Boy and Head Girl’s team or as part of the School Council provides excellent examples of leadership for students to include in their university applications.