Performing Arts Life

Striving to be the best performing arts school in the North West

Here at Scarisbrick Hall School we are proud to be a leading arts education provider for students aged 4 to 18 years old and we strive to be a beacon for the Arts. We offer dance, drama and music to all of our students from First School right the way through to Sixth Form to allow all students to learn to express themselves and broaden their cultural horizons.

Performing arts is an integral part of life at Scarisbrick Hall School. We believe that by encouraging students to study a performing art, we are encouraging an attitude of creativity, problem solving and communication. This also enables our students to develop the confidence they need to excel their lives outside of school.

Dance at Scarisbrick Hall School

Dance is a powerful and expressive subject that encourages our students to gain confidence, foster creativity and express themselves openly. We teach dance to students from First School to Sixth Form, and during this time our students undertake a wide array of dance skills from ballet, to contemporary, lyrical and jazz.

Drama at Scarisbrick Hall School

Drama lessons are vital to the development of our students. Through drama classes, we encourage our students to develop their creative, emotional and intellectual capacity. By studying drama, our students develop the emotional maturity that they need to understand themselves and the world around them. Here at Scarisbrick Hall School, we teach drama from First School all the way through to Sixth Form.

Music at Scarisbrick Hall School

Music is regarded as an integral element of our students’ education at Scarisbrick Hall School. We recognise that music has a profound impact on a child’s early development and can be used to support learning across all areas of the curriculum. We encourage an enjoyment and appreciation of music from an early age to nurture communication and listening skills, language acquisition and creativity.

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