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Being an Alumni of Scarisbrick Hall School is something special. It not only represents the type of education that you have had but also the ethos and values that you subscribe to. Since we first opened our doors in 1964, Scarisbrick Hall has been a family school and our Alumni will always remain a part of our family and history, no matter where they are in the world.

Through our Alumni network we welcome our past pupils whether they have recently completed their education at Scarisbrick Hall School or attended over the years. We are proud of our thriving local and global community who are engaged in diverse roles and careers. The team at Scarisbrick Hall are always delighted to hear their news, updates, events or achievements.

We value our Alumni support for the school through mentoring our current students with lectures and career advice as well as carrying our ethos out into the world.

We are grateful for the pledges made by our Alumni to secure a viable, sustainable and appropriate future for Scarisbrick Hall and its parkland, ensuring the ongoing care and preservation of the site and its heritage for future generations and to fund scholarships and bursaries to enable children to access and benefit from a Scarisbrick Hall School education.

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