Scarisbrick Hall Independent Sixth Form

Guidance & Mentoring

The Higher Education landscape is ever-changing. It has undergone, and continues to undergo, profound change. To ensure that our independent sixth form students are thoroughly prepared for their university application, it is essential that they are equipped with the knowledge to best navigate their way through the myriad of courses and universities on offer. Scarisbrick Hall Sixth Form provides personalised essential guidance for our students, enabling them to make wise and informed decisions regarding their plans for Higher Education. We aim to help every student gain a place in higher education, either at the end of the Upper Sixth or after a student completes a gap year. In order to achieve this, we offer comprehensive and expert advice at every stage of the applications process.

Our university and career guidance is comprehensive. Our expert advice is provided by a dedicated mentoring team, supporting students upon entry into our independent sixth form. For those students aspiring to Oxbridge and other top universities, or competitive courses such as Medicine and Veterinary Science, there is a wealth of support including societies such as MedSoc, with preparation sessions for interview and university tests. We will assist in identifying the right programme at the right university for every student. We start the process of university application early in the Lower Sixth so that students have the best chance of success. 

Personalised Mentoring

 We appreciate that Sixth Form is a demanding time for students and that they will need support and guidance at different stages throughout their two years of study. In order to aid this, teaching groups are small across our independent sixth form classes. A range of teaching styles are employed, partly to prepare students for the less structured teaching approach they will meet in higher education.

Where students require further assistance, the school provides support in all subject areas, including advice on university choices and career guidance. Our advice is second to none, and the Sixth Form team is always available to advise students in all aspects of study and personal life. Communication between the student, staff and parents is encouraged to ensure that the best progress is made. Regular meetings take place between staff and students. This allows guidance and reassurance to be provided through our tailored one-to-one mentoring programme.


Sixth Form Well-being is the wellbeing programme at our independent sixth form, and it has four clear aims:

  • Promote independence and responsibility
  • Prepare pupils for the next steps in their education, training or employment.
  • Promote self-esteem, emotional and physical well-being
  • Help the formation and maintenance of positive relationships within and outside the school community

Sixth Form Well-being is delivered through our tutorial and mentoring programme, lecture series, enrichment programmes, leadership roles and discrete lessons taught during dedicated well-being sessions.

The programme allows pupils to develop the independence and confidence they require to make the most of their abilities. It also provides further support with decisions related to higher education and career guidance. Sixth Form Well-being includes a consideration of the individual needs of each student, the development of good relationships with and respect for others, and an understanding of their responsibilities and role as a British and Global citizen.

Sixth Form Opportunities