Pastoral Life

Promoting emotional wellbeing in schools

Pastoral support and the promotion of educational wellbeing is of the utmost importance to our teaching and support staff here at Scarisbrick Hall School. We pride ourselves on the calm atmosphere and caring ethos of the school which encourages our students to reflect on their emotional health and wellbeing. One of our schools important aims is to “support and inspire learners to succeed in an environment of love and care”.

Here at Scarisbrick Hall School, we strive to achieve this every day.

A unique approach to educational wellbeing

Scarisbrick Hall School has pioneered emotional and educational wellbeing by placing the emotional, physical, social, and mental wellbeing of our students at the heart of everything we do. Pupils are given expert guidance and pastoral support in a range of topics, which works to support our students from first school all the way through to sixth form.

We utilise the unique and inspiring setting of Scarisbrick Hall School to support reflection, as well as working with a leading clinical psychologist and professional partners to provide the best possible educational and emotional support for pupils in our care. Our educational wellbeing programme is delivered through discrete sessions, tutorials, and wider activities designed to promote a holistic sense of wellbeing.

Wellbeing lessons at Scarisbrick Hall School

Wellbeing lessons are delivered once a week, however our philosophy of emotional and educational wellbeing permeates every aspect of school life. Our stunning 50-acre grounds offer plenty of opportunities for reflection, with specialised active wellbeing classes such as tai chi, yoga, and extended walks.

Pastoral support for all ages

Here at Scarisbrick Hall School, we offer bespoke pastoral support to students of all ages. For our preschool students, we forge links with buddies in first school to assist with the transition to first school, who serve as effective role models. Students in our first school undergo transition days to support their move to a middle school timetable. We do this to ensure that all students are able to strive and thrive in a middle school setting, to reach their full academic potential. As pupils progress into middle school, we give them every opportunity possible to reach their true potential. As pupils move into college, our pastoral team aim to support and guide their journey to become responsible young men and women through extensive pastoral support. We recognise the challenges and pressures that these years bring, however our pastoral support team are on hand to develop confident, free thinking individuals who demonstrate resilience and reflection when challenging situations arise.

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