Life beyond Scarisbrick

I am frequently asked how I measure the success of our school. My response is simple, by the success and development of our pupils. This is not just in terms of academic achievement (which we are rightly proud of), but who they are and the impact that they have on the world once they leave our school. 

Being an alumnus of Scarisbrick Hall, I understand the impact that our school can have on the lives and aspirations of our pupils. When I meet other fellow alumni, there is a sense of being part of a timeless family who have shared a common journey together. The memories of The Great Hall, house tournaments, sharing stories and experiences about previous years create a powerful history of our wonderful school.   

Our alumni continue to support the school directly and can be called upon to guide and mentor pupils (both past and present). 

Jeff Shaw 


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Being an Alumni of Scarisbrick Hall School is something special. Since we first opened our doors in 1964, Scarisbrick Hall has been a family school and our Alumni will always remain a part of our family and history, no matter where they are in the world.


The key aim of Scarisbrick Hall Trust is to secure a viable, sustainable and appropriate future for Scarisbrick Hall and its parkland, ensuring the ongoing care and preservation of the site and its heritage for future generations.


We are passionate about providing first-class learning opportunities that enable all our pupils to reach and exceed their full potential. Scarisbrick Hall School looks forward to welcoming you and your child to become part of our community.