Sports Life

Sporting excellence at Scarisbrick Hall School

Sporting activities are an essential part of life here at Scarisbrick Hall School. We place a strong emphasis on sporting excellence, however we encourage children of all abilities to participate, progress and compete. Every single pupil from First School through to Sixth Form is encouraged to enjoy a recreational interest in individual or team games to help them to develop a healthy relationship with health and fitness. 

Our main focus is teaching pupils a broad, balanced sports programme that is tailored to each of their individual needs. This kind of sports coaching helps our students to achieve a lifelong passion for physical activity and sport whilst promoting confidence, health and wellbeing. A comprehensive programme of physical and creative activities complements our philosophy and encourages all pupils to try something new and develop their talent.

Specialist sports coaching

Here at Scarisbrick Hall School we encourage our students to participate in specialist sports clubs. We recognise that sports coaching is vital to a well-rounded education and we include specialist sports such as fencing, taekwondo and yoga. As an independent school who recognises and values the importance of sports within the curriculum, we have renowned sports teams in the competitive arena. We believe through our specialist sports coaching that there is a sport for every child to enjoy and improve their wellbeing.

Core sports at Scarisbrick Hall School

At Scarisbrick Hall School we are known for producing exceptional sports players. Football, Rugby and Netball are our core year-round sports, enjoyed by students of all ages across the school. In the Spring term, when the weather is a little fresher, we offer Cricket and Hockey sports coaching. We aim to suit a variety of abilities and ages. Scarisbrick Hall School offers an extensive list of competitive fixtures that cater for all sports and capabilities. Visit our school calendar to keep up to date with our sporting fixtures. 


TCM has a major contribution to sports at Scarisbrick Hall School due to how our specialist TCM coaches support our sporting provision and excellence both within and outside of the curriculum. TCM coaches deliver personal pathways(link) and small group sessions(link)  in multiple sports including but not limited to: Fencing, Football, Netball, Rugby and Cricket. These Personal Coaching Pathways allow students to develop and explore their lifelong passion for a specific sport, sessions are delivered weekly with technical and tactical progression and awareness incorporated into every session. 

For our core curriculum sport offering our specialist coaches work closely with our PE team to design and deliver excellent group sessions for our year groups catered both for our leading sports students and for our students who are aiming to progress. 

Our Specialist coaches include:

Adam Jackson – Former Professional Rugby player 

Lionel Djagba – Academy standard football coach with experience playing in Liverpool FC  academy 

Nathan Quirk – Academy standard football coach with experience playing/training with Liverpool FCs first team 

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