Art at Scarisbrick Hall School


Art is essential in developing independant and creative pupils. Our pupils build their confidence through the building of projects and ideas across the Art curriculum and we introduce pupils to a wide range of artists to broaden their horizons and allow for exploration of a variety of mediums and techniques.

Middle School

Students in Middle school receive weekly teaching from a specialist Art teacher and we instil the basics of good drawing practice and techniques.  They develop the fundamentals of art across a variety of genres and learn the subject specific language which allows them to confidently discuss and analyse Art and we encourage them to add their own creative flair to the techniques and styles they study. Pupils study genres such as Surrealism, Pop Art, Still Life and Landscapes/Portraits in addition to analysing specific artists’ work.  When pupils finish the middle school art programme they have a broad knowledge of art styles and movements, they understand how to refine and improve their work and are confident and creative artists.

GCSE and A Level

GCSE pupils research a variety of artists or art movements and explore each area in far greater detail.  Pupils look at a variety of media, techniques and processes and are encouraged to refine their work and ideas working from both primary and secondary sources.  As pupils move through the course they are encouraged to pursue their own individual artistic interest styles.  Pupils can work in fine art, textiles and a variety of other disciplines to produce a personal, informed and meaningful piece of art.  

A Level Art students specialise in an art discipline of their choice.  They are required to research and write about artists that have influenced the area they are focusing on and will specialise in using the skills and techniques appropriate to that art discipline.  Students need to show independence, think creatively, draw from a variety of references to create a polished and accomplished piece of art.

Extra Curricular

All pupils have the opportunity to attend Contextual Art Studies as part of the E3 program in which pupils are introduced to a variety of artists and styles in which they create a piece of work using the influences of the artist or style in focus on their session. GCSE pupils have specific lunchtime seminars in which they can refine their skills and techniques with supervision from a specialist art teacher.  A Level Students have their own Art Room in which they can use at any time and work independently to explore their chosen media and refine their work.

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