Beautiful Beginnings Day Nursery

At Beautiful Beginnings Day Nursery, we have a team of dedicated and caring staff who are committed to providing the next generation with the skills and confidence they need to help them grow to their full potential. Kingfishers is the latest addition to the Beautiful Beginnings Day Nursery, which serves as a multi-age learning environment for children aged 3 and 4. 


As a new addition to our growing nursery, the Rising 3s Kingfishers room is an exciting multi-age learning environment that brings together children who are rising 3 and rising 4 years of age.


Within our Kingfishers room, we encourage activeness in both a physical and mental sense. Children are encouraged to initiate their own choices and approach daily tasks with ease. This could be through self-serving, achieving personal milestones, or learning how to be responsible for their actions.


Our dedicated educational programme develops into a more structured pace of meaningful and purposeful learning, where children are encouraged to approach the world with curiosity and with a positive disposition to learn. All aspects of daily life are tailored into manageable steps, whilst still harnessing the nursery curriculum in a fun and inspiring way!


The learning environment itself is designed to create inviting and child-friendly spaces that are set up to promote all areas of learning. This gives children easy access to resources at their level. Through a rich variety of projects, both indoors and out, children can investigate the fascinating world in which they live, extending their knowledge and building skills for life. 


From our exciting construction and role play areas to accessing their very own computer to develop early ICT skills, the children have a whole host of exciting learning adventures awaiting them.


Mealtimes are a fantastic time of the day as our children venture into the main school and new dining hall to have their meals. Here the children can begin to experience what school life is all about and become familiar with the importance of table etiquette.

Kingfishers - An enriched learning experience

As with our Skylarks, our Rising 3s children continue to have the opportunity to experience superb links with the main school, including visits to:


  • ​​Story Telling Tower – a renovated turret that has been purposefully created to encourage listening, imagination and excitement for literature.

  • Dance Studio – this has a state of the art sound and lighting system to promote movement and music

  • Gym – the children use this space for gymnastics, games and ball skills

  • Lower School Library – Children can explore the wonderful selection of books in our beautifully restored library room. 

  • MUGA - our multi-use games area and sports pitch enables children to learn through games and activity. 

Moving on to Pre School

The relationship between our Rising 3s and Pre School is something special. Before the children are ready to leave our Rising 3s room, we aim to ensure each child is a confident problem-solver, has recognition and respect for their belongings and demonstrates a keen interest in engaging in activities. 


This readies the children to make the exciting move into Pre School, where they can wear their new uniform with pride! Our team ensures that their transition into Pre School is a smooth one.

Find out more about Kingfishers at Beautiful Beginnings Day Nursery

If you would like to enrol your child to the Kingfishers room at Beautiful Beginnings Day Nursery, please contact Mrs Walmsley to learn more. Contact us on 01704 842 240 or email For further information about admissions, please visit our admissions page. 

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