Beautiful Beginnings Day Nursery

At Beautiful Beginnings Day Nursery, we have a team of dedicated and caring staff who are committed to providing the next generation with the skills and confidence they need to grow to their full potential. The Skylarks room is perfectly suited to slightly older nursery school children as we prepare them for their journey into Raising 3s room, and beyond.



Children in Skylarks continue to develop their confidence, acquiring a strong sense of independence. By this stage, we can gently begin to prepare them for their journey onward to our Rising 3s room and beyond.


The Skylarks room at Beautiful Beginnings Day Nursery offers a wide range of experiences that encourage exploration, investigation and active learning. The room is well-organised and equipped to ensure that all resources are attractive, accessible and arranged for the children to become independent learners. 


The ethos in Skylarks is to encourage plenty of self-choice to allow children to embrace their individual interests. There is also a keen focus on group activities, indoors and outdoors, offering lots of physical and social interaction.


Typically at this stage in their development, children develop a greater awareness of themselves and their peers, making friends and learning new boundaries. As children become aware of others around them, our staff encourage them to learn how to share and take turns – a difficult but necessary part of growing up! 


We support children with their need to express their emotions by ensuring growing toddlers have clear limits in a safe and fun environment, with our fully-trained staff on board every step of the way.


Outdoor play, as in all of our rooms, is high on the agenda. So you’ll find us outside whatever the weather! We are extremely fortunate to be situated within the grounds of Scarisbrick Hall with access to beautiful woodland and fantastic school facilities to explore. We take full advantage of this! We have specialist outdoor learning sessions each week that allow children to explore the natural world to their heart’s content.

Skylarks - Enriching learning

One thing that makes Beautiful Beginnings different from other day nurseries is our access to the wider Scarisbrick Hall School and its facilities. Whilst Skylarks has wonderful resources housed within the Beautiful Beginnings Day Nursery, we also have regular visits to other areas of the school, including:


  • ​​Story Telling Tower– a renovated turret that has been purposefully created to encourage listening, imagination and excitement for literature.

  • Dance Studio – this has a state of the art sound and lighting system to promote movement and music.

  • Gym – the children use this space for gymnastics, games and ball skills.

  • Lower School Library – Children can explore the wonderful selection of books housed in our beautifully restored library room. 

Our experienced team works hard to ensure that when your child moves up to our Rising 3s room, they are ready to embrace new challenges and are confident and competent little learners.

Find out more about Skylarks at our Beautiful Beginnings Day Nursery

If you would like to enquire about enrolling your child to the Skylarks room at our Beautiful Beginnings Day Nursery, please contact Mrs Walmsley to learn more. Contact us on 01704 842 240 or email For further information about admissions, please visit our admissions page.


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