Scarisbrick Hall College
YEARS 9-11

"In the College, pupils embark on a three-year GCSE programme of study that leads up to Year 11. Across the College, the academic and co-curricular provision is designed to facilitate every pupil to reach or exceed their potential, both academically and holistically. Expert teaching from subject specialists provides exciting and engaging teaching that both inspires pupils and develops a curiosity to know more."


Pupils in our College are encouraged to take a mature approach to their studies receiving the support and guidance they need to become independent learners and thinkers. Our College pupils have consistently scored outstanding GCSE results with the overall pass rate in the last 3 years being above 96% with the largest proportion of grades being at A*/A.



​As pupils move into our College, the pastoral team aims to support and guide their journey to becoming responsible young men and women, who uphold the values of our school. Our goal is to develop confident, free thinking individuals who demonstrate resilience and reflection when challenging situations arise.


Sporting activities are an essential part of life at our College. We have earned an excellent reputation for achieving sporting success. However, our College’s main focus is to teach a broad, balanced sports programme that is tailored to each individual and helps to develop a healthy attitude to exercise.

Performing Arts 

​Performing Arts is a central part of a pupil's education at our College, both as a valued part of the
curriculum and the wider life of the school. Art, Music, Dance, Drama and Hospitality are delivered through a
bespoke curriculum that uniquely encompasses academic and vocational training.

Beyond The Classroom 


Our independent College has an extensive set of co-curricular activities on offer that fosters a spirit of exploration. These include international expeditions, site-based societies and activities. College pupils are exposed to a wide variety of experts from across the world and are challenged to be critical and reflective thinkers.



A Philosophy
for life

Our unique philosophy of RIVER learning is the cornerstone of our curriculum and underpins everything that we do at our College. This encourages Resilience, Independence, Valuing every individual, promoting a spirit of Exploration and encouraging Reflection – all the tools needed to enjoy a happy and successful future.