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The importance of independent learning for child development

The importance of independent learning for child development

Independent learning nurtures intellectual curiosity and creativity, empowering pupils to take an active rather than a passive role in their own education. Academic achievement typically comes as a natural conclusion of acquiring independent learning skills. Here, we explain the importance of structured independent learning for a child’s development.

At Scarisbrick Hall School, we aim to nurture independent learning skills that enable our pupils to develop enquiring minds and a genuine thirst for knowledge. Through pupils taking responsibility for their learning, from a place of ‘want’ rather than ‘need’, they gain a deeper understanding and enjoyment of the subjects they encounter along the way. Academic achievement is often a natural by-product of independent learning.

Structured independent learning

Scarisbrick Hall School is one of the North West’s most progressive and forward-thinking educational establishment. Our vision is built upon strong foundations of structured independent learning in the shape of the RIVER learning philosophy that runs through everything that we do. The RIVER learning philosophy is enshrined by the following core principles:


We foster a progressive environment in which resilience is positively encouraged. Set-backs are viewed as opportunities for growth and development; a mindset that produces well-rounded future citizens.


Our commitment to structured independent learning gives pupils the confidence and independence that equips them for a lifetime of ongoing exploration, inquisitiveness and critical thinking.


Pupils of Scarisbrick Hall School are taught to value and respect everyone in society. We strive to support and inspire learners to succeed in an environment of love and care, both for themselves and those around them.


We encourage all of our staff and pupils to embrace a spirit of exploration, both physically and through imaginative thought. Exploration-based learning breeds creative, independent problem solvers.


Our pupils are empowered to reflect on their decisions and actions, which supports their overall wellbeing and promotes clarity of thought. Reflection fosters clear-headed, rational decision-makers of the future.

RIVER learning philosophy

“Some topics transcend traditional maths, English and science,” says Mr Shaw, Headmaster of Scarisbrick Hall School.

“Resilience, Independence, Values, Exploration and Reflection add up to the word RIVER, giving us the RIVER learning philosophy. Water always breaks through barriers and finds ways around things. If you have a leak in your house, it always drips through somewhere. Over time, water erodes boulders and mighty rocks. Water also flows together, giving a sense of unity.

“These are the fundamental underlying principles behind the RIVER learning philosophy, which is a unifying educational philosophy that we encourage in all of our pupils. It’s the idea of bringing people together and putting children at the forefront, so every child’s voice is heard.

“All of which supports our commitment to viewing every learner as a unique individual, celebrating the qualities that define and unify us all, to create a confident and happy community.”

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