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Why an independent school education is more important than ever

Why an independent school education is more important than ever

Scarisbrick Hall School is an award-winning mixed independent school based near Ormskirk, Lancashire that delivers personalised independent learning from nursery to age 18. We practice a RIVER learning philosophy centred around the values of Resilience, Independence, Values, Exploration and Reflection. Read on to find out how our approach provides young people with all the tools they need to enjoy a happy and successful future.

Scarisbrick Hall School is passionate about providing the finest structured independent learning available with a view to developing motivated, independent learners who go on to either achieve or exceed their potential. We do this within a happy, safe environment where successes are celebrated, set-backs are treated as opportunities for growth, and where diversity is wholeheartedly embraced and celebrated.

Best independent school in the North of England

Academic attainment is often the logical conclusion of an independent school education. Scarisbrick Hall School is rated the best independent school in the North of England for our sixth form provision. Our sixth form is also ranked amongst the top 10 nationally for progress and value-added, becoming one of the select few Grade 1 independent schools rated 100% excellent by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI).

In 2019, our pupils achieved exceptionally high grades across the board at both GCSE and A Level. It goes without saying that we are extremely proud of our pupils’ achievements and the high standards of teaching that helped them to achieve such success. However, being the ‘best independent school’ we can be involves far more than exam grades alone. We strive for a much more holistic approach to independent learning.

At a time when society has become increasingly more divided and insular due to domestic and global events, Scarisbrick Hall School aims to shine as a beacon of equality and fair-mindedness. We foster strong values of kindness, respect and tolerance to develop cognisant and thoughtful future citizens. Our aim is to develop future leaders who not only respect their local communities but everyone and everything in our global society.

These principles are exemplified by The Global Classroom; a unique charity and education movement that we deliver in partnership with the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the support of UNICEF. The Global Classroom is the largest digital classroom in the world, delivering an extraordinary programme of aspirational events from some of the most influential leaders in their fields for our pupils and their peers worldwide.

“I am passionate about each individual at our school and about the teaching and learning that supports their development,” says Mr Shaw, Headmaster of Scarisbrick Hall School. “Our educational philosophy is focused on the traits that we believe will ensure all of our young people have a happy and successful future. I want to ensure every pupil is inspired by all the opportunities they are offered within our learning environment; both in curricular and co-curricular aspects.”

Enrolling at our independent school

If the thought of an independent school education at Scarisbrick Hall School appeals, we warmly invite prospective students to take part in a school visit and two taster days for entry assessments and an experience of lessons and activities. Parents are then invited to meet with a member of the Senior Leadership Team and, based on a successful assessment, taster experience and satisfactory references from their current school, their child will be offered a place at our award-winning independent school.

For more information or to join Scarisbrick Hall School, please contact 01704 841151 or email enquiries@scarisbrickhallschool.co.uk.