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The Global Classroom at Scarisbrick Hall Independent School

The Global Classroom at Scarisbrick Hall Independent School

The Global Classroom is a unique charity and global education movement delivered by Scarisbrick Hall Independent School. In partnership with the World Health Organisation (WHO) and supported by UNICEF, The Global Classroom offers incomparable opportunities for Scarisbrick Hall School students as part of our independent curriculum and our commitment to enrichment in the classroom.

What is The Global Classroom?

The Global Classroom is the largest digital classroom in the world. The charity delivers an exceptional programme of inspiring events addressing the issues and conversations affecting young people today. All of our digital classrooms feature some of the most influential minds across the world. Every event hosts a panel of guest speakers who are leaders in their fields, from medicine to music and sport.

Every classroom event that they deliver is free to children across the world. The Global Classroom does not distinguish between race, gender, location, ethnicity or religion – every child is invited to engage with our remarkable offering. Plus, young people around the world have the opportunity to have their voices heard on global issues through the interactive question feature available for each open classroom session.

At Scarisbrick Hall School, we believe that every child deserves a quality education. This is why The Global Classroom endeavours to provide an educational platform that allows children across the globe to access the world’s leading thinkers, regardless of their socioeconomic background. Our classrooms aim to inspire children worldwide, allowing the children of today to change the world armed with insight, inspiration and knowledge.

The Global Classroom and Scarisbrick Hall School Students

Alongside the publicly available events, The Global Classroom offers unique opportunities for enrichment in the classroom for Scarisbrick Hall School students. These one-of-a-kind experiences with global role models complement our independent curriculum, encouraging our students to grow into well-rounded, socially aware young adults.

In November 2020, The Global Classroom welcomed Michael Woodside into our fifth classroom, Global Generations. Michael is an animator for Walt Disney Animation Studios. Over the last nine years, Michael has worked on a variety of Disney classic animations including Big Hero 6, Wreck it Ralph, Zootropolis, Moana, Frozen and Frozen II.

In addition to appearing in our public event, Michael guided our Scarisbrick Hall Students in a private animation tutorial. As the original animator responsible for Frozen’s Olaf, this opportunity was an incredible experience for our student, particularly those with a keen interest in drawing and art.

Just a few months earlier, Jason Mraz featured in The Global Classroom’s second event – One Global Planet. As an American singer-songwriter, Jason is perhaps best known for his popular singles ‘I’m Yours’ and ‘I won’t Give Up.’ Jason was kind enough to guide our independent schools students through his songwriting process. Through this unique enrichment in the classroom, our students developed musical skills whilst broadening their creativity and pushing their abilities.

This additional enrichment in the classroom encourages our students to flourish socially as well as academically. Developing skills in creativity, initiative, communication and confidence are critical to ensure our students are well equipped for life beyond Scarisbrick Hall School. The memorable experiences offered to Scarisbrick Hall students by The Global Classroom will be memories that they can treasure for years to come.

All of the digital classes are available in full on our The Global Classroom website and YouTube channel. Enjoy these digital classrooms, and experience the incredible enrichment in the classroom opportunities that are presented to Scarisbrick Hall School students alongside our independent curriculum.

Beyond the Classroom activities are an essential part of education at Scarisbrick Hall School, and we strongly believe that these activities play an essential role in the wellbeing and holistic development of the students in our care.