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What is ‘Beyond the Classroom’ and how can it benefit your child?

What is ‘Beyond the Classroom’ and how can it benefit your child?

At Scarisbrick Hall School, we have long believed in the importance of extracurricular activities. As the name suggests, our Beyond the Classroom programme of holistic extracurricular activities is based on the belief that there is far more to a young person’s development beyond what they learn in a classroom environment.

Find out how we provide enrichment in the classroom and out with a fantastic range of extracurricular classes here at Scarisbrick Hall.

Our philosophy of going Beyond the Classroom is woven into the fabric of Scarisbrick Hall School. It is an ethos that we instil right from the get-go at Reception level through to Upper Sixth Form. Why? Because academic prowess and extracurricular attainment go hand in hand. Extracurricular classes and activities are one of the cornerstones of the exceptional learning experience we deliver at Scarisbrick Hall.

The importance of extracurricular activities

The importance of extracurricular activities has been proven time and time again. A varied timetable of extracurricular hobbies has been proven to boost a child’s academic performance. Consider all the transferable skills that can be brought back to the classroom: critical thinking, creativity, communication, teamwork, problem-solving, decision-making, discipline and self-awareness to name but a few.

The benefits do not stop there either. Extracurricular activities offer myriad other benefits too. Taking part in extracurricular classes and activities will not only help your child to develop new lifelong skills but can also boost their confidence; broaden their social circle; provide a much-needed physical, mental and emotional outlet for the stresses of academia and modern living; and bolster their CV (which can be hugely beneficial when applying to universities).

What is Beyond the Classroom?

Beyond the Classroom is the name of our programme of extracurricular activities. Designed to support and enrich our core curriculum, our holistic menu of extracurricular classes is built into the routines of every pupil here at Scarisbrick Hall School. Here is a brief flavour of the opportunities available to your child as they progress through our school.

First School extracurricular classes

From Reception through to Year 4, our First School extracurricular classes include a huge range of sports, arts and music opportunities. Whether your child is a budding hockey player, dancer or choir singer – we have an extracurricular activity to fuel their interests.

Middle School extracurricular classes

From Years 5-8, our Middle School extracurricular classes include activity trips to the nearby Lake District, ski trips, city breaks and curriculum field trips. We also encourage active participation in a broad range of clubs, such as robotics, Mandarin and Art Club.

College extracurricular classes

From Years 9-11, our College extracurricular classes provide enrichment in the classroom with access to leading academics at our annual Great Hall Lecture Series. Plus, inter-house competitions, expeditions and adventures, as well as Duke of Edinburgh service initiatives.

Sixth Form extracurricular classes

From Years 12-13, our Sixth Form extracurricular classes include sports coaching initiatives, immersive arts opportunities and a broad range of clubs and societies. Students can also embark on the gold DofE award, research projects, expeditions and university visits.

For more information about our extracurricular classes and activities at Scarisbrick Hall School, please contact us on 01704 841151 or enquiries@scarisbrickhallschool.co.uk.